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New from California

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Hi all,

New member who gets his first handgun, a XD9 4" on the 25th. I cant wait. The only downside is I screwed up. I wanted a BI-Tone, It was not available at the time I bought, So I chose to get the black instead of waiting for 10rd Bi-tone to become available. Now I have to either buy another one or Hard Chrome it.
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Hey Tomz. Welcome. Where in CA are you? Im down in San Diego.
Welcome from Ohio.
Welcome from VA
Welcome from Indiana!
Hey Tomz. Welcome. Where in CA are you? Im down in San Diego.
I have the misfortune of living in the San Fernando Valley area of the city of Los Angeles. Or As we call it Hell A :) which is the most unfriendly place toward gun ownership for law abiding citizen. Ironically its also the place with the largest number of Illegal and unregistered handguns, and worst crime rate. Go figure
Welcome to the forum from CT.
welcome, I say you did a great buy, now you have a great reason to buy another gun.
The bi-tone looks nice but the black is a great gun as well. Welcome from Minnesota!
Welcome from MI
Welcome from Nashville
Welcome from Michigan.
Sup Homes!

I like my XD9BT, Silver and Black just like my Raiders!!:)

Now I wish we could get the damn XD45 bi-tone here.:evil::twisted:
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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