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New guy here, from IOWA. I'd like to thank all who contribute here, this has been an excellent resource for obtaining all sorts of info, and helping me to make the decision with purchasing my very first pistol. I do already own a shotgun and a Marlin 22LR. i also have a CCW.

I wanted a pistol to fill the needs of
1. range plinking
2. nightstand security
3. CC.
( normally, this would require 3 different guns, but i only have a budget for 1 gun right now)

so, for my very first pistol, I decided on the ... wait for it ...

XDm 9mm 3.8" compact bi-tone. (xdm9389cshc).

sorry, i haven't got a picture of it yet, but i'm sure you know what it looks like.

I purchased it from a local dealer for $645. I know it's not the best price around, but it was $100 cheaper than buying it at Ba55-Pr0-Sh0p. so i'm happy. I called the order in on Tuesday, and i got a call Wednesday that it had arrived. wow, i wasn't expecting that.

i left work a little early, stopped by walmart to pick up a couple boxes of WWB, picked up the pistol and headed to the range.

i purchased the pearce grips, (before i had shot the gun). after shooting the gun without the pearce grips, i dont believe i will use the grips. the XDm compact grip just seems to fit my hand great. and i was able to shot it comfortably without the pearce. but since i bought it, i suppose i'll give it a try and report back later.

I'm 6'0" 215lbs

Range Report:

Here is my very first time shooting the XDm9. Standing, using 2 hands, at 15 yards. 19 rounds. ( i didn't think i did too bad) one flyer there on top, was when i forgot how to breath.

then here are the remaining 81 rounds. here i was still standing at 15 yards, but mixed it up a bit with some single hand shooting, and quick up from ready and also introduced the 13 round mag. (so much fun)

the only disappointment, was when i ran out of ammo. it's amazing how fast 100 rounds can fly down range. the XDm worked flawlessly.

later that night, i cleaned it, while watching Gun Stories on the Outdoor channel, using tips that i got from you guys - thanx again!

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Welcome aboard! I love my compact as well. The pearce grips I really enjoy, had to take off a bit of a rough edge, but now it fits my grip perfectly
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