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I bought one of these new 12 round 40 cal.(XD-Gear) magazines. They are marked "made in Croatia" but also have the Springfield Armory Logo on them.
My magazine acts in a most peculiar manner. It always jams on the next to last cartridge no matter how many are loaded in the magazine. If you load all 12, then it jams on the 11th round. If you only load 3 rounds, it will jam after the first shot of the three. Apparaently the slide does not go all the way forward to chamber the next to last round.
If you pull back on the slide 1/8th of an inch and release the magazine , the slide goes forward and chambers the round. This is strange. Has anyone had a similar experience? By the way I have tried this with both the original guide rod with the captive spring and the Wolfff separate rod and spring. Let me hear from you if you have heard anything like this.
Thanks for your input.

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