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I have had my XD40 for three years and just dropped in a match barrel from EFK and G/G Night Sights from Trijicon. Went to the range today and I am completely satisfied. I noticed much tighter groups at 25 feet, and for the first time was hitting where I aimed.

I compared the fit of the stock and EFK barrels. The stock barrel wiggled from side to side in the slide, while the EFK didn't budge. The difference was noticeable. BTW, I didn't have to mess with the barrel at all to get it to fit.

The sights are bright, and even in daylight, the dots are easier to place on the target with both eyes open. The stock sights seemed to blur into each other. (There is some space between the front dot and the rear dot in my sight picture) That seems to help me.

Just thought I would post my results, since it was difficult for me to make my choices for upgrades.
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