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New .30/30 pics w/scope

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Friend gave me a 3-9X40 Bushnell.

I like that I can see my Iron sights!
My Marlin 336 .30/30

Gonna get a deer this year!
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How are your groups with that setup? The scope rings are likely to be too high and if you aren't exactly perpendicular when you shoot, could be seriously off target. Just an observation. Otherwise, that is a sweet rifle!
i had one set up with those rings 10 years ago, they work fine you just zero the scopw for point of impact as with any rifle ,
I hunt with a 30/30 with see through rings like that. I have never had problems with zeroing it or it holding zero. I like those style of rings for still hunting or hunting thick brush because you never know how close the game might be when you see them or they see you. Being able to use the irons for a fast shot is very helpful.
Nice... I miss my 30-30
Nice 30-30. I built my Marlin with a scout setup. and a Buris scout scope and ghost rings.
Looks great just got my new scope mounted and bore sighted on mine looking forward to taking it to the range next week and zeroing it in.
I'm looking for a good deal on a 30-30 now,,Win or Marlin,,,nice gun you got there
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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