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Need XD-40 Servuce akk bkack ohoto

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I need a good photo of an all-black XD40 Service (4") for use as background on my desktop. Can anyone here point me to one on this forum or elsewhere?

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I don't know of any in particular, but here's a suggestion:

Go to google, switch to image search, run xd 40, and then find where it says "Show - All Sizes - Large - Medium - Small" and click Large.

That should yield a bumper crop.

Also, there's this page:


right click and then click "set as backround". It looks good if you have it set to full screen in your screen properties.
Ranger, I believe that's a 9mm.
I got one even better for you -


Click on either "Glamour Shots" or "Pictures". They have a lot of great shots that would look great as wallpaper. I would have one on my own computer if it didn't piss my wife off so much.
or you can go to the SA site, pull up one oif the images they have there, right click and 'save picture as..'; then go to your screen properties and tell it to use tha file as your desktop
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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