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I was at a gun show today and talked to a guy that had four 38 cal revolvers. 2 cobras and 2 S&Ws. I didn't think the cobras looked very impressive or the blued S&W. These are '70s cop specials or so, thats what it looks like to me.

There was one nickel revolver now these are all pre-lock. Tiny 38, smaller by a lot than my friends airweight 38. Its got the numbers awa6277 it would be nice to figure out if its worth anything. Anyone know how to tell anything about this snubnose?

P.S. sorry the pics I took didn't come out.

Just to state these four revolvers and alil 25 acp autoloader that is barely able to call it a mouse gun. he was offered 750 total for the lot of them.

SW doesn't seem to be looking up guns right now, anyone even know how to tell what it is?
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