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I hope some folks here that are familiar with XD pistols can help me solve my problem. It apparently involves shooting technique, not a problem with the gun, a 4" XD40.

I have extensive experience with handguns, shooting my first one over 50 years ago. I served in the US Navy for 20 years, retiring as a Master Chief Master-At-Arms. I shoot in PPC and IDPA matches.

For years, my carry guns have been 1911s. In the last few years, I have changed, carrying SIGs (P239 and P229 in .40) and Glocks (G19 and G26). With each gun that I carry, I dry-fire extensively -- at least 30-40 times per day. I have found that to greatly help my life fire shooting.

On my 1911s, SIGs, and GLocks, I can dry-fire them consistently such that I can discern no appreciable sight movement when the hammer/striker falls. However, despite much dry-firing with my new XD40, I can't get it to do that. Despite trying various hand positions and grip tensions, the front sight still moves when the striker falls.

I have no complaints about the gun itself. Absolutely realible - no malfs at all. Feeds, fires, ejects all different factory ammo and reloads that I have fed it. However, I can't get near the groups with it that I can with my Glocks and SIGs, and I'm sure that sight movement is related to that. Friends of mine have shot XD's and Glocks and get approximately the same size groups with both types of pistol.

Any ideas here? Is there some quirk to the XD pistol that I should be aware of, and therefore incorporate into my grip or trigger pull?

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