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Need help with mag release spring

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Well i'm the new guy here, hello all! After completely stripping my xdm, prior to reading the the very important piece about "not" taking the mag release completely out i'm watching my hair turn gray as I fight to put this back together. I know it's a pita any way you look at it but i'm actually having trouble figuring out how the spring actually goes back in. I have done it 200 different ways and nothing seems to work! What is the orientation of this spring? Pics would be worth a million bucks! I have searched and read back almost a years worth of threads and cant seem to find anything that helps me out. Please and thanks in advance. I now know to never pull this thing off again!!!!!
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Here is a video I made about 5 years ago thats hard to see but should help you.
The video of ajamesp51 appears to be comprehensive and thorough. Slave pins indeed are a big help in a lot of tiny spring installations. Nice tutorial ajames! Hope I found this earlier :(

This is what I followed, but only for installing the extended mag and didn't require totally removing it: XD Extended Magazine Release Installation Guide. HTH too.

If you already took it all the way out (like I did years ago), it really helps to have a flat blade screwdriver with a groove filed into it to hook the spring into place.
Much like what is pictured on the bottom right of this Sig tool pic.
The spring leg hooks into the groove so you can put it where you want it.
I have one of these and use it on all my guns..
Or you can make one with a screwdriver and file, dremel, or grinder

Fortunately I had this when I did my detail strip..
Complete Springfield XD - Disassembly/Reassembly - GunVideo.com

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after 3 hours of messing with it yesterday and last night, i put a combination of the video and the diy screwdriver and got it in about 5 minutes this morning. thanks guys!!!
Here is another way to easily get the mag release back together:

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