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Need a picture taken please

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can someone take a picture of the front of their XD-SC for me?
I brought mine home stripped it and cleaned it. put it back together and a little bit of the recoil rod assembly is sticking through the front of the slide. I'd like to see some other ones to see if mine is sticking through more than it should
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It didn't look damaged but I wanted a pic to be sure.

I want to take it shooting but both my wal-marts are flat out of any 9mm ammo and I refuse to pay $12-13/50 at my range for 9mm ball ammo.
Eric_Oh said:
sky, that part of the stock recoil spring assembly usually sticks out the front a ways enough to annoy all xd owners. Thats one of the reasons i like the don's guide rod i have in my gun.
thanks for the info. It just looked odd since none of the other guns I have stick out. Guess I'll chalk it up to a quirk of this little pistol.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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