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NcStar Tactical laser with flashlight?

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NcStar Tactical "Universal" Pistol Laser Sight Kit W/Quick Release Flashlight Combo - anyone have one on their XD? Weaver mount. Will it fit an XD Service? Input appreciated.

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wow!!! I just saw that yesterday at the gun show! IT was actually being sold at an airsoft booth.... my buddy bought it to try on his usp... i'll try it on my gun next weekend and let u know... if u can wait til then.
kraigster414 said:
Academic I guess. 'Was told by the supplier the setup pictured above won't fit an XD Service.
really? I wonder why not... when i took a look at it, it seemed like it would. Again... i'll have to wait until this weekend to have my friend let me try it out.

but if you are looking for an alternative for just a laser sight... i might suggest the qd laser from laserlyte. I have it and there are others on here that have it. There are a couple of posts that cover it as well... I think its a great tool in practicing my trigger pull.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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