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I have been dithering about getting a second handgun for a while, not sure what I want or don't want, except I was leaning toward a .45.

I'm somewhat taken with the Bersa Thunder .45, a pistol that really just fits my hand so well that I'm amazed by it. But it only has a 7-round mag capacity, and part of my interest/need for a second pistol is for a SHTF scenario. I can get the Bersa for in the low-to-mid $300s, so it's a decent price. I've shot it, it works.

But there's also the XD-45. Advantages? Built like a tank, larger magazine capacity, I know the weapon because I have an XD-9. It's an XD!

And I wanted a Service model if I went XD. That's what my -9 is, and to me it's the best combo of features. Long-enough sightline, big enough magazine capacity. We can't concealed carry in Wisconsin, so a more concealable pistol isn't important (the Bersa may have been very nice for that).

In the end, even though I had to pay about $150 more for it, I am getting the the XD-45 Service. I love the way it fits my hand, it's a natural pointer.

So my XD-9 is getting a big brother.

One interesting thing about it--I dry fired it a few times and was amazed at the trigger. I have the Powder River trigger upgrade on my XD-9--and the non-upgraded XD is, well, odd. I guess I'll be giving Daniel a call Monday morning.
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