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My XD and new friend (pics)

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Taurus 605ss .357 Magnum
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I like that revolver, how heavy is it say compared to the 637sw airweight.
Taurus - 24 oz.
SW - 15 oz.

If I am reading it correctly. But remember, my Taurus is a .357 magnum and the S&W is a .38 special. In addition, the Taurus has a 2" barrel and the S&W has a 1 7/8" barrel.
Not bad. That is only 3 oz more than my Taurus.
I just installed my Crimson Trace Laser Grip. I will shoot it today.
Who makes the adjustable sights for the XD? I'd like to have them for my tactical .40.
Looks great...Those are Dawson sights I believe.
The red text on the XD is rather interesting, I have to say! :)

I'll have a matching set to you I believe. I have tried so many different holsters that I am just going to go with a wheelgun. Taurus/Ruger ..
That front sight sure has a tall profile, it looks taller than the TruGlo TFO!

I guess your fiber optics are not designed for defense since the target can see you coming.

That red front green rear does look good though.

They are Dawson sights. The front on the set is taller, because of the adjustable rear. I may be wrong, but the red seems to be crayon. :)
Does the rear sight pictured here and the TruGlo brand present a problem with the finish under the large surface area of the rear sight?

Is there a gap under the rear sight to flush out if it gets full of crud?

I plan on getting the TruGlos in the near future.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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