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My wife said she was being driven crazy by recent stay at home orders and wanted to go to the range to let off some frustration as soon as it opened. Then, she said she wanted a pistol of her own. Yippee!

Background: She has shot with me for thirty years, about once a year. Usually she shoots a .22, but occasionally she has tried out a .380 or 9mm. Back when I shopped by cruising gun shops...which stopped around 1998, she wanted a Glock 19, but had never fired one.

Fast forward to Friday. Our range emails it’s membership that it re-opened May 9 with some restrictions. I had her paw through my entire arsenal and let her handle, rack, and dry-fire everything I have except the 40’s (no way in heck she will shoot one). She knows what a 9 feels like, and declined the .45’s out of hand.

Sunday we visited the range with a dozen options on hand, all 9’s except one .357, one .380, and one .22 revolver. She insisted on shooting every pistol without any commentary from me on how it might behave.

She didn’t like anything that hopped a bit, like a Bersa BP9CC. She also didn’t like anything with larger grips, like the Beretta 92S or CZ99.

She really liked the .380 Grand Power with a laser on it, and she shot it very well. However, there is no way in He77 she is going to field strip it without help, although I’ll bet she will gladly shoot it at the range.

She also liked the EAA Witness P; basically a CZ75 with a polymer frame.

But what did she like best?

My 1994 CZ75B.

Thank goodness it won’t take a laser; she wants a laser on her pistol, so we will be doing some more shopping. I see an SP-01 or an EAA Stock 2 in her future. Maybe I’ll remember to update this if she makes up her mind in what to choose.
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