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I am a few days late getting my humble review out after I posted last week that I had just purchased an XD-9 Subcompact and joined the forum.

First off I did a through cleaning of my new XD-9 with Hoppes No. 9 and a light coating of FP-10 Lubricant Elite when I was done cleaning. My visual inspection showed nothing as expected for a new firearm but I like to err on the side of caution considering how things can be abused during shipping.

The ammo I chose to use for break in consisted of 200 rds. of Ultramax 125 gr. lead that I had left over and 300 rds. of Remington 115 gr. mc. for targets.

I ran through the Ultramax ammo relatively fast with 3 failures to eject. I know it was not the pistol as I have had issues with this ammunition in the past. I was not looking for accuracy at this point and just wanted to get the pistol to loosen up a little bit.

After I switched to the Remington 115 gr. mc the ejection issues disappeared and I had zero failures out of 300 rds of Remington 115 gr. mc. My groups were decent from 25 and 15 yards and some realistic shooting from fire 5 to 15' was within in the 5" ring. Before heading home I put a box of Speer GoldDot 124 gr. GDHP rounds through the pistol to make sure they fed and ejected correctly. No problems at all.

As for the pistol itself I noticed no wear and tear after 520 rds. and the trigger pull was nice and crisp. The slide broke in well and was functioning smoothly. I did not notice any wear on the slide or rust and paid particular attention for those two items after I read here about potential rust and coating wear. I did not think I would have an issue as I had cleaned and lubricated the pistol right out of the box and wipe it down daily with a ligh coating of FP-10.

I opted to clean up at the range and that took all of 20 minutes to clean the pistol and magazines so when all is said and done I feel the XD-9 is a reliable workhorse and I am satisfied with my purchase. This is one seriously well made weapon and I have no reservations about carrying it on a day to day basis not that my initial range trip is over with.

I do plan on adding the finger rest to each magazine as I have a wide hand and think the finger rest will make my groups tighter which IMHO felt were not that bad.

Would I recommend this firearm to other? Yes I would as it is an excellent firearm and I trust it.? For the moment I am using an Uncle Mikes in the pants holster until my Fobus paddle holster arrives.

Thanks for putting up with my long winded review and thanks to everyone at this forum for some great tips and suggestions


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Although the prices are slowly climbing up (like anything else these days), the XD line is a great value for the money. I really have no interest in any other semi-auto pistol.

Good to hear you are doing well with yours too. 8)

have fun, shoot safe :eek:
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