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I cannot get over just how much I love this XD. It is by far the best gun I've ever owned or shot. It shoots like an absolute champ. No issues functionally at all. Granted, it rusted within a week of arrival, but some blue armadillo and a concientious regimen of oil rag wipedowns solved the problem. Since I am used to carrying a Kel-tec 380 in the pocket, I've been spoiled when it comes to size. But, the idea of having more gun to palm when the SHTF is just too appealing. So, in the waistband it goes.

I'm looking for a 3 o'clock IWB holster that hugs tight to the gun, but keeps the profile extremely slim (kydex?). Having two points of contact on the belt will help with the desired 20-25 degree cant. I know that the CTAC is close, but heard that it is more for the 4:30 position, and not sure if it will have the bend necessary for 3:00. If anyone has any ideas or any holsters in the bin they care to part with, I'd love to hear about it.

Also, when the He!! is there going to be a .22 conversion for the XD? Nine is cheap, but nothing like .22. I could practice all day with that stuff for less than the price of lunch! Any Ideas?
Aaron Stevens
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