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I'm going to be a little unconventional in my job search. Looking to relocate from Illinois. Open for any and all jobs as I've always been the jack of all trades, master of some. One thing I am very good at is 12vdc wiring (see my lighting thread in the chatter box) Would prefer to stay close to Illinois but nothing in Indiana (long story not going to post it due to my wife's privacy). Pay of course is negotiable, as well as shifts. Any questions feel free to ask. If anyone has critiques feel free to post as well. If you would like my cell phone number I'll PM it to you as well.

Thanks in advance!

​To utilize my skills, knowledge and learnings from my years of experience in moving inventory and fixing vehicles to grow professionally, help a team, and to fine tune my expertise while developing a trade and long term profession with your company.

Skills and Abilities

Quick and adaptable​
​Self-taught on use of forklifts, pallet-jack, other various types of equipment as well as *************** computer system. Competently move from various roles like interfacing and assisting customers, to independent work fixing vehicles and moving inventory. Seamlessly able to quickly and efficiently unload product of various dimensions and insure products safety, wholeness, and necessary placement. Used my skills to help ************ become the largest Western Products Dealer in the world during the 2013-2014 snow season.

Extreme reliability
​Quickly and efficiently unload and load a variety of inventory under severe time constraints. Able to keep calm, level-headed, and effective when hazardous situations arise. Resolute in completing jobs regardless of hours, as well as, providing extreme client service such as traveling last minute to another state on businesses behalf.
Following instructions ​
​Assemble intricate and complex truck accessories from both written and verbal instructions without assistance and further guidance. Memorize and recall procedures given when first started. Systematic attention paid to detail, order, and action when receiving procedural direction. Instruction and direction is only needed once to complete any task. ​

Work Experience

Shipping and Receiving Manager ******************** 2008-Present
Rapidly pick, pack and ship orders through will call, UPS, and other assorted freight companies. Utilize heavy machinery to load and unload truck bodies, truck caps, snow and ice equipment, and other varieties of large freight. Expertly install trailer hitches, trailer plug wiring, brake controls, warning lights, tool boxes, bed liners, cab guards, running boards and other truck accessories. Employ multiple computer programs to enter and track inventory. Build and service snow plows. Conduct building maintenance including changing ballasts in overhead lights, installing new lights, repairing overhead doors and repairing/replacing/building pallet racks. Perform basic fleet maintenance such as checking, fixing, changing and inspecting brakes, lights, and maintaining fleet oil and filter changes.

Shop Manager​​​ **************** ​​​ 2005-2008
Assisted customers over the phone, at *************** headquarters, and other necessary locations by answering questions, handling problems and providing solutions. Provided exceptional equipment maintenance such as changing oil, repairs, and tune ups of all machines on hand for consumer rental. Masterly performed trailer repairs including wiring, brakes, axels, wheels and tires while also installing trailer hitches, brake controls, and trailer plug wiring. Executed basic fleet maintenance, such as oil changes, brakes, marker lights, filter changes. Installed and maintained ************ CCTV system

General Education Diploma​

References Available Upon Request
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