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For some time now, I've been looking for a jacket that can bridge the cap between my heavier Dockers lined jacket and a T-Shirt (don't really like wearing hoodies as much anymore). Well, I think I've found my answer, The Micro Fleece jacket by Condor!

Now, first off let me say that, yes, I know some of Condor's outerwear like this jacket and their Softshell are knockoffs of gear made by companies like TAD. However, the quality on this jacket impresses me and, although it's a knockoff, it's a very good one. I also don't care that it's made in China! I understand those that want to buy only U.S. made gear and I respect that, but I'm too broke to afford most of that U.S. produced stuff and if you're in that same boat (as I suspect many of us are these days), this jacket warrants your consideration.

I first heard of this jacket after seeing Nutnfancy's review on it (I know he's both liked and hated here, so I'll just say that the info in his review of this particular item was dead-on and leave it at that). After doing more research and finding more positive reviews I decided to give it a shot. Got it from US Cavalry for $36 dollars plus shipping! USCAV were great to deal with and shipped it to me super fast (2 business days!). I've worn the jacket a couple times and feel ready to give some initial impressions on it:

First, this jacket is VERY comfortable! I just love the way it feels against my skin, and how light and breathable it is.

Second, it definitely has the quality and features of many higher-priced jackets so I consider it pretty good value for the money spent.

Third, it is great for a casual yet "semi-tactical" look without looking too tactical and scaring the sheeple, which is nice when you live in a city like I do (people here don't dig old camo jackets too much...)

Now onto some photos and features:

The exterior is a polyester, super fine micro fleece that is very light yet doesn't appear too prone to pilling out on me (though I haven't used the jacket hard yet). It also is pretty good at not picking up too much junk like animal hair, twigs, etc. that readily stick to other fleeces. The shoulder area is oxford reinforced, which would definitely help prevent pilling and wear if you were wearing a backpack or tac vest over this with a heavy load.

Storage space is excellent! You have 2 slant pockets for hand warming and storage that are actually deep enough to be useful! They actually go past my wrist if I put my hands inside with my fingers extended. They are also zippered.

There is also a zippered chest pocket (see pic below) that has a routing port inside for headphones for and ipod or other music device, or even comm gear if you wanted. It's big enough to hold any phone or music device I know of (including iPhone).

The left sleeve also has a zippered, square storage pocket. This one also features a headphone routing port and is nicely sized for carrying a small notepad, cell phone etc. Both sleeves also have velcro spaces for unit or morale patches (sold separately) which is nice if you want the tactical look. I'll admit I like them and have a subdued OD flag patch on order.

The collar is a raised "Mandarin" style that goes all the way up to the chin, which can be folded down if desired. It's lined with fleece on the inside, making it very comfortable against the skin when worn up.

The main zipper is a double zip design that is of pretty decent quality. It's not heavy duty YKK zippers, but remember this is a $40 jacket. The main zipper also has an extra strip of fabric just inside it to help keep wind out if you were directly facing a strong wind. However, note that this jacket is NOT windproof and does not have a windproof membrane throughout. Again, you don't get that in a jacket at this price level, and I really didn't need that anyway; I want something light and breathable. The zipper also has a nice molded plastic pull that is easy to find and grab.

The inside is lined with a black polyester mesh liner, which makes it very comfortable and I suspect would also make the jacket more durable. The inside right hand side also has an open "kangaroo" type of pocket that is simple to access with the jacket opened and well sized for putting sunglasses, small papers, or even gloves.

The sleeves feature an extendable end that will lengthen the arms by two inches but also have a thumb hole that can function as a semi-glove. I keep them un-extended and they fit my arms perfectly but if you have longer arms you may need the extensions.

Overall, I find this to be a really nice jacket, especially for the price. The stitching is of very high quality throughout: very uniform and often double-stitched with seam tape around higher wear areas such as the zippers. I'd say the quality is comparable to many other fleeces out there like LL Bean and North Face that tend to cost about twice as much.

This jacket is very lightweight, breathable and seems well-suited for a wide range of temperatures, from the mid 35 degrees up to around 60 without being too hot. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a jacket for cooler summer evenings or for spring or fall wear while out around town, or for outdoor activities like shooting, camping/backpacking, hunting etc. I think you'll be happy with it!

Feel free to ask any questions if you have them.

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How's the sizing on this? I'm 5'10", 180 lbs and I normally wear a size Large in outerwear. I recently ordered the hooded micro fleece from US Cav and based on the sizing chart, I got myself a medium. Turned out to be too small, so I exchanged it for a large. Here's where it gets weird. The large fit exactly the same in the hips (too small) as the medium. I'm thinking that I got a lemon from the factory (all the dimensions on the chart for a size Large are bigger than the "size Large" jacket I got) and I can't just exchange it for another large because they're currently backordered till February. I'm leaning towards picking up this jacket instead (don't really need the hood and I'd prefer the handwarmer pockets) but I'd like to be sure on the sizing before I pull the trigger on it...
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