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Just wanted to show off the latest build.

PSA 20" 1:7 FN CHF barreled upper
PSA lower and LPK
SWFA 16x scope with Burris PEPR and flip caps
Windham Weaponry free float tube
Hogue grip
BCM mod3 CH
A2 stock
Cheapo Caldwell bipod
Midwest Industries low pro gas block

Range time coming soon. Just finished assembly this week.
First thing I'll change next is a Geissele trigger, then a Vortex flash hider.
So far, I'm really impressed by the SFWA glass. For the price, it's impressively clear and built like a tank.
I'm looking forward to testing the FN barrel.
Another thing that impressed me was how tight the upper and lower lock in together. Zero rattle or movement. A pleasant surprise.

Thanks for looking,

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Very nice.

I've been debating whether to build a 20" BCM rifle. I already have a 16" BCM, but would really like a 20". The thing is, I don't hunt and the longest I shoot at the range is 50 yards so a 20" really isn't necessary. My birthday is in a couple of weeks and I may just cave and get it for no other reason but to have.

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Very interested to hear how the scope works at range.
I'm in the market for a new one.
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