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I have noticed this product mentioned on this forum a couple of time but could find no reviews as to how good it really was. With finding no information I decided to buy some and try it for myself and I’m glad I did. My usual routine was to clean after every shoot, (about 200 rounds average) and my routine included primary cleaning using Hoppe’s No. 9 followed by EeZox, and finally Gun Butter on all parts and rails, and that usually did a good job. When I first got this stuff I decided to run a patch through my XD just to see how good my cleaning was. I sprayed the cleaner down the barrel and let it soak for about 5 mins. and I was shocked to see a dirty patch come out.

The next step was to go shooting… my faverate part . I ran about 500 rounds through my XD then took it home for some TLC. I was very surprised to find the cleaning was very easy and took about half the time. My new routine is to use the Hoppe’s Gun Cleaner solution every 2 to 3 trips and use the Hoppe’s Field Cleaning (CLP) after every deep cleaning and in between the deep cleaning cycles. Yes, I still use the Gun Butter. That is GREAT stuff too. The reason I use the CLP after the deep cleaning is because they say the deep cleaner strips everything from the barrel. Use if the CLP put the protection back. The deep cleaning is also supposed to clean and condition the barrel. I have been told that the Hoppe’s Elite is made for the folks who make M-Pro7 but the recipe is slightly different (improved). In my opinion this stuff is GREAT and dare I say better than No. 9 and Eezox and I will continue to use it for some time to come and highly recommend it to try at least once. I have included links for more information.


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