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My First XD-M Build

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I hope this is the right forum for this post, if not I'm sure it can be moved.

So I picked up a parts kit for the XD-M 3.8 compact in 45 ACP. I noticed as a side benefit it has TruGlo tritium and fiber optic sights, they are marked XT1 and TG-H3. I 3D print frames, mainly Glock, and one Taurus to date, so I'm getting the hang of doing that. In the past, I've used several different filaments, but settled on 3D Fuel brand Pro PLA. Other filaments I've used have cracked on the first mag being run, the Pro PLA has absorbed everything from 9mm to 10mm w/o a failure (much of my work is 45 ACP, but the 10mm is a higher-pressure round). When it was out of stock, I tried some Overture PLA Professional. Looks like it's a similar composition, and it costs a lot less- plus free shipping with delivery usually taking 2 days.

I was pleasantly surprised when the XD-M came out of the printer as clean as I've ever printed a frame, it also feels very solid (IMO it looks better in real life than the photo):
Trigger Air gun Grey Line Gun barrel

The true challenge for me was assembling it! After looking at the parts, I see why it is a SPRINGfield! LOL! Never seen so many small similar springs.

I found some helpful YT videos and was able to get the mag release put in and only dropped the spring twice. Still waiting on mags to be delivered, but it seems to operate properly. In the below pic I have the locking block sitting in place to test the slide length. Again the print seems spot on here.
Trigger Gun barrel Air gun Gun accessory Composite material

I'm working on the remainder now, it looks like I have everything I need.

Once this one is complete, I have plans (if I can find parts) to install a 10mm slide & barrel, and to pick up some 10mm mags.

As I make progress or need some help, I'll try to post back here. I like the size & feel of the XD-M and if this works out OK it will certainly be in my EDC rotation.
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Spring kit arrived. Before I bypass the "auto takedown", any advice on installing the grip safety and auto takedown??? I've watched a YT video on the grip safety, and the part where he zooms in on it is blurry, plus the video is only 480P quality. If I understand the sequence correctly:
1. Press inner spring into lever, short leg to left, it should hold itself in place
2. Place lever w/ spring into frame, align hole
3. Run a smaller (1/16) punch thru left side hole to hold lever w/ spring in alignment

This next part was not shown, as he did not put the "auto takedown" back in.That was the missing spring BTW. This is my supposition as to the assembly process:
1. Place outer spring onto tip of punch (yeah, right)
2. Place lever on top of this spring while pushing punch towards right side (mission impossible, I need Tom Cruise LOL)
3. Push actual pin w/ grove, longer side towards right, in from right side. Use it to displace punch.
4. Lift leg of inner spring so pin can move thru until it clicks into place

According to this forum post, all that part does is negate pulling the trigger to remove the slide. I have to do that on every other gun I own, so IMO it's not worth the aggravation.

EDIT- I figured out a way to get it all in place. I used a drill bit vs punch since my punch didn't go all the way thru. The trick here was to lay the outer spring on the arm and hold it in place with some micro needle nose pliers, and place it as a unit. It wouldn't fit in from the top, but I was able to get it in place from the front. Carefully moving the drill bit and then the notched pin I was surprisingly able to get it in place on the 2nd try.

Time to spring forward to the next set of parts.
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Well I managed to get everything together with no parts leftover, and...
1. The slide is very difficult to get on now once it gets to the sear area. With just the locking block in place, it cycled easily. It will not cycle easily. Once locked back on an empty mag, I can release it and it goes like 95% of the way forward.
2. When I pull the trigger, nothing happens. No firing pin click.
3. I noticed the sear & related parts are very tight. I applied some Rem Oil to the metal pieces but it's still really tight.

I'm fairly certain I messed something up in the assembly process, but I followed this video exactly.

Further inspection shows what I messed up were two springs- the auto takedown short leg was trapped between the sear plate and the auto takedown lever, and I didn't hook the sear spring over the lever on the right. Once I corrected these, everything almost worked as it should. The almost here is that I have to pull the trigger to release the slide, so I messed up the auto takedown lever assembly somehow. I can live with that. Loaded chamber indicator works, firing pin clicks, cocked indicator works, grip safety works, and I was able to cycle some dummy rounds thru it. Can't cycle the slide w/o the grip safety being pressed- I presume that is normal.

I'll insert a pic with text that I took before I discovered my errors. Hope this helps the next one doing this!
Automotive lighting Bumper Trunk Automotive exterior Automotive tire
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Ran a couple of mags thru it with some aluminum case Blazer 230 FMJ and the first thing I noticed was the rear sight was off. Adjusted for that and put the rest on steel @ 15Y. I see what looks like a small crack/layer separation starting on the left side by the grip safety pin hole, but when I look at an older pic it looks like it's there also. No other deviations noted. Function was 100% and ejections about 4 feet away at 4 o'clock.

This frame is a prime candidate for a stronger filament such as Nylon, especially if I can find a 10mm slide & barrel.

Bumper Gas Automotive exterior Auto part Font
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I printed a couple more frames, first with Taulman Alloy 910, a nylon composition. My settings were off, and it looked terrible, but it has a lot of flex so it should help to absorb recoil. Second was Fusion HTPET+, which is supposed to have a higher heat threshold than PLA+. I managed to crack the rail on that one trying to put it together. Plus it was like a cat- shedding small pieces of filament no matter how much I cleared off it. I'm next going to try some basic nylon as well as some glass filled nylon.
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This frame was again printed in Overture PLA Pro while I'm waiting on the nylon filament. I added some custom embossed artwork to the right rear- my attempt at the XDM logo. The SN is likewise embossed on the right front panel. The logo came out so-so, the D isn't great. I've also installed the ADE Spike green dot optic.
Air gun Trigger Motor vehicle Gun barrel Bumper

Musical instrument accessory Audio equipment Gas Electronic instrument Auto part
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