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I’m new to the Springfield XD/M line of Pistols. I’ve been looking at pistols for a LONG LONG time trying to make a decision on which one to purchase.

Once I saw the XD line of weapons, the decision was made.. Then I found the XDM! Doing more research, the XDM-45 COMPACT became available!! WOW!!! Im SO GLAD that I waited!!

I did a LOT of reading on XDM field tests, range reviews and up-grades. I found PRP thru reading NUMEROUS posts in this forum and I may have PRP build me a custom XDM-45C.

I have to see what the base price of the XDM45C is after they add the pistol to the build your own XDM site. I can NOT wait to see the XDM45C added to their website!!

From all of the POSITIVE FEED BACK that I have seen and heard about PRP’s Professionalism, and Quality of Work,, it’s a NO BRAINER for me to purchase their products and services.

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