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I have owned a total of 5 XD's now. Currently own 2. I have my 9mm service with springer trigger kit and TFO's. I also have my NEW XD .45 with thumb safty that I will be shooting for the first time today.

I have always had a problem with my thumbs getting in the way and causing the slide not locking back on the last round.

I am a Browning HP and 1911 shooter and did not want to relearn my grip when shooting one of my guns.

This will be the first .45 I have owned due to the fact I like the smaller grip of the .40/9mm frame, eventhough the XD .45 grip is tiny compared to other pistols of the same capacity.

When dry firing my new pistol I am able to keep my strong hand thumb on top of the thumb safty (just like the HP, 1911)

I will report back later when I have shot 100 rounds or so through it and let everyone know how it performed for me the 1911 shooter :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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