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More questions.

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1. Does anyone make an extended Threaded barrel for the XD40 Service?

2. anyone with "The Answer" holster also have an XML? does it fit in the holster?

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I can answer #1... No. There is currently no production threaded barrel for a .40 caliber XD that I have been able to find thus far. Most gunsmiths that are worth anything (read: have real experience with metalsmithing, arent just tinkerers) should be able to thread an existing barrel, providing that they should probably also build the silencer for you as well.

Another solution is to purchase a tactical barrel, install it in your service handgun, then work with a smith to build a silencer that slips over the barrel and then locks onto the tactical Rail for security and stability.

LEGAL NOTE: CONSULT LOCAL AND BATF regulations on this subject before engaging in any of the above. This may not be legal in your area and if you do not have the appropriate registration/tax stamp.

Barsto will thread one for you.

Areas of legal silencer ownership with map. If that's what you want the threaded barrel for http://www.advanced-armament.com/owners.asp
Yes, it is for a suppressor, and yes, I will be taking the correct legal procedures for Az for it. I meant to say 9mm aboce, as I plan on using it for a 9mm conversion. I'll defiantely check into Barsto when I get going on it.
I have one of their 1911 barrels and love it.

My Yugo Krinkov Kit build SBR will come first, but the suppressor will quickly follow it.

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