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Not a ton this time...

(191) 30-06
(18) - 243 WIN
(19) 7mm Rem Mag
(41) - 270 WIN
(20) - 270 WIN bullets? Not really sure...don't have a caliper to measure. They appear to fit into the 270 win casings if you used a reloading tool...rather snug. They are copper with soft lead points.
(40) - 45 COLT
(20) - 30-30 WIN

Take it ALL for $37 shipped via USPS (FIRM). I would like to sell it all at once...would rather NOT split it up. I will not be able to ship after wednesday (26th) as I'll be out of town for the holidays.

Low amounts...yeah..but I don't reload so I don't need them.
All brass is assumed once fired...packed loose in a bag (seperated by caliber)
I accept Paypal (yes I know they are anti-gun..ohwell) and google checkout.
If you want pictures I can take em...but they're like any other brass around I guess!
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