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I have a used (broken in) right handed Galco Miami Classic for sale.
This fits a SIG P229 without a rail.
I don't think a railed P229 would fit in it.

This holster was adjusted and the excess straps cut off.
I am 6'1" and about 230 pounds.
I had this adjusted pretty high as my natural reach was just below to my left armpit.
There is still some room for adjustment as seen in the pics.
Shoulder holsters should be fit a bit high so they do not flop around
But if you are wanting the movie/TV star look of the low hanging shoulder holster, you might have to order another harness.
You can find the harness on eBay for $40.

I'll take $75 shipped USPS priority mail for it..
These run retail at around $140.

PM me or post here.

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