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Finally got a chance to hit the range with the Miwall 180 TMJ reloads I ordered a while back in stead of just burning a couple in the backyard. Up until now I've been shooting WWB 165's almost exclusively at the range and in USPSA matches.

I spent about 190 rounds of Miwall 180's and 200 WWB 165's yesterday, I'm extremely happy with the Miwall ammo. It's much nicer shooting than the WWB IMO, it's a little dirty but so is the WWB.

The price is right too, it's $5.95 per box of 50 and $115.95 per case of 1000 both of those plus UPS shipping from Northern CA (I believe). For me that works out to be a little less than $153.00 delivered (to WV) which is about $20 or so cheaper than WWB after tax at Wally World.

I travel a great deal for work so I don't really have the time or inclination to start reloading right now. As long as the consistancy holds up as well as it did for these first 200 rounds I think this is my new round of choice.

Here's a link to Outdoor Marksman for their Miwall 180 reloads:

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