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What a great match!

12 Stages
330+ rounds if you dont miss
Ill try and get some links to videos from some of the others I shot with I didnt bring a camera:(

One stage had a swinging activated texas star it was awsome:D

Had a great prize table everyone that competed walked away with some thing including 18 random drawn guns and I think over half were XD's:p

And cash payback for divisions and class placement

I ended up 2nd place C class production with cash back, dont know were I place in production overall yet, and my random draw from the prize table a hat and a RUGER 10/22:eek: Didnt get overall results yet but you dont have to be the best shooter and still come out ahead and have a good time.

Can wait until next year. If you shoot Uspsa and in the Colorado area its worth it.
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