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MIC holster and other options

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To start, while I'm waiting on my gwcl to come in I'm doing some holster shopping for my service model xd. Currently I have an iwb tagua iph. While the fit is perfect I'm not sure it's going to work for me in the long run. Which is fine. I bought it just to have something to put my gun in as a placeholder anyway. However, I wanted to ask of anyone has any experience with the MIC line of holsters. I think they're a neat idea for a complete minimalist holster but I'm not so sure I like the idea of not being able to easily re holster. So if anyone has any experience with these and could share. That'd be great.

I'm also curious to see what everyone else uses. I'm not opposed to a high and tight owb as well. Just unsure of what to go with.

Thanks in advance.
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First of all to me personally the XD service with the full size grip is to big of a gun for me to conceal effectively, so I carry the XDsc or the XDs.

As for holsters, if you carry IWB and want to reholster easily you have to have a holster that stays open. Most likely this will be kydex or some other material. Some leather holsters have a reinforced mouth that works somewhat. The best blend of comfort vs. easy reholster is a hybrid holster with a leather or similar backing with a kydex shell. I have an Alien Gear hybrid that I use occasionally. I have shells for both of my guns so that I can carry either one. I also have a leather holster but not longer use because it is difficult to holster, uncomfortable to wear, and impossible to reholster when IWB.

My main carry holster for my XDs is an IWB taco style kydex holster. I carry it at the 3:00 position and can draw and reholster with ease.

For my XDsc when I carry it OWB, I use a Raven Concealment Phantom that draws it in tight. Although I am considering switching to a Cooks's comfort series.
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Yeah. I've heard a lot of people say they personally can't conceal a service sized gun. I personally, am not a large guy by any means (5'7" 130 pounds) but I know it can be done and am more comfortable with service sized firearms. For whatever reason.

The issue that I'm having is that I like appendix carry best after performing normal tasks around the house in various positions. I just haven't found exactly what I want in a holster yet. In my mind, my ideal holster would be a combat cut hybrid with minimal amounts of leather, and clips like the gcode incog that are slightly rotated to pull the butt of the gun into my side. I just haven't seen one yet.

Who knows, the tagua May work out once my belt arrives. I'm currently running a 4 year old Wal-Mart dickies belt because up until this point I haven't needed anything sturdier. :roll:
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I used to carry a XD40 service in appendix when I first started carrying. I am also a smaller dude at 5'10 and 150. I used an all leather IWB holster from Larry at Tennessee Holster Company. The holster opening is stiff to hold open for re-holster and is extremely comfortable. I currently have mine listed in the classifieds as I have switched to now carrying a compact. Hit me up if your interested and I'll hook you up. It honestly is a nice holster.
I think I've just about decided on a Harwell clip n go. It all depends on what mrs. Clause brings for Christmas though. I'll let you know on the other though if you still have it
I bought several different MIC "holsters" early in my CHL days. LOL, a year ago. They are certainly cheap enough. They do serve their purpose, but they require different training for the draw to develop the muscle memory. They are best described as Mexican carry on a string. Reholstering is a 2 handed operation.

Having said that, the Mic holsters spend most of their time in my holster drawer.

I am currently using a hybrid holster from www.firearmholster.com

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The brown leather w red stitching looks killer. I have a belt on order from Gavin and will be ordering a holster (or maybe two) after Christmas.
Im using a MIC right now on my G23. I love it but it takes getting use to. Also hard to stay in place if you got to take a leak.
I think I've just about decided on a Harwell clip n go. It all depends on what mrs. Clause brings for Christmas though. I'll let you know on the other though if you still have it
I use the harwell clip n go for my compact and I love it. If that's the one you end up getting you will not be disappointed. Very nice holster.
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