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Major Gunsmiths

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Trying to make a mini list of the major players in XD modifications.

Bowie Tactical
Virgil Tripp @ Tripp Research / STI
Rich @ Canyon Creek

Who else?
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Would have to add Bar-Sto to the list. Just sent my XD off to them to have some work done.

kotonk said:
springfield armory custom shop
I cant believe my stupid self didnt think of this one. :oops: By the way, thanks for the contributions. This list is the principal list of gunsmiths who I am going to run my gunsmithing resource guide by.
Rich at Canyon Creek. Can't go wrong.

Gary Stevens
Robar is another one that is really great. I am going to stay with SA , however, since their Black T finish is done by WE Birdsong and Associates here in the Great State of Mississippi. They do a hell of a job and do all of the FBI tactical guns for SA.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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