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Magazine Pouch

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I was at the shop at the range today and I was looking for a mag pouch for my XD. All they had were Fobus models and none of them said Springfield or XD on them. I tried a few on the magazine and found one that fit pretty close, but it is really tight. I was wondering if anyone knows if Fobus makes a model specifically for the XD (couldn't find one on their site) or if the mag pouch that is listed for the Beretta and Hi Power will work?
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The XD magazine, except for being a bit shorter-top to bottom- is the same size as Beretta 92/96 magazines. Any mag carrier that fits Beretta mags will work with XD mags.
Thanks Snake - I thought that I had read that before, but my mags are a bit tight in the pouch - thought maybe too tight. But, I guess they just need to be broken in a bit.
I have a couple of the double pouch Fobus mag carriers and they work great for my mags. The grip them plenty well enough to avoid the mags popping out when I run yet I never have any trouble pulling the mag free when I need to.
will the glock mag holders fit the xd mags if they are leather?? I have an xd 40 and a glock 22 and the mags look very similar. The glock looks like it may be a little bigger. Anyone have any experience with this?? I also prefer the leather.
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