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Mag release is sticking.. need help

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HI everyone.. I took my brand new XD .357 service model to the range the other day.. I shot 250 rounds of premium Federal 125 grain through it.. Needless to say it functioned perfectly. When I got home I was loading my Self Defense ammo into the magazine. I went to drop the mag and the mag release button was really sticky.. I sprayed some eezox in but it hast helped much.. Any suggestions ?


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I have the Service, 9mm and had a similar problem.

On those occasions that I carry, I only put seven rounds into my 10 round magazines. This is because I was told that filling the mag to capacity could cause wear on the springs. However, when I go plinking, I fill the mag up, and slide one in the barrel. Now with the mag empty, or with seven rounds in it.. it slides out effortlessly. With ten, and nine rounds in the magazine though, the mag release feels sticky. I am assuming that the added pressure from the springs pressing up is causing the mag release catch to hang up a little.

My thinking is that the magazines just aren't worked in enough yet. Maybe I should keep them full, instead of only packing seven rounds into it until the springs loosen up. I dunno'

Just push up on the mag and then push the release.
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