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this is what happened to me yesterday:

Dear Springfield,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I had a Springfield XD-40 V10 sent to you for the gun to be armory coated. It looks great thanks. I regret to say when I received it, I noticed the Magazine Release button was extremely loose. Never notice it before, so I took my sub 40XD and compared them. The sub was not loose with the magazine in or out, but the v10 was loose with the magazine in not out. Disappointed I was, so I took it to a dealer: ELITE FIREARMS in Boaz, KY. He looked at it and started filing on the Magazine Catch Plate. NO, I thought but it was to late. I sat there and watched him file my gun without asking me. He was a gunsmith, so I thought. If he had any doubt about fixing it then he shouldn’t have tried it. Especially without asking if he could. He didn’t fix it, could barely put it back together, and gave it back to me and said call Springfield. CRAP, so I did. I talked to Megan as I did before about my coating issues. She eased my pain and anger at Elite. She said send it in we will fix it. Thank you for having her services. She is a great customer service rep. I am sending you my gun, letter, receipts for 1st shipment and 2nd shipment.

Thanks again,
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