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M3 light not staying on XD40 service.

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I have my XD40 service (OD frame) and i have noticed that with my M3 thta after about 3-6 rounds it will fly off. It does this whether using the momentary switch or the constant switch. I look at the attaching lever and notice it has some play and doesnt look like it is seated enough. yet with a good tug and messing with it after attachment it feels fine and secure. I also use a QD LASERLYTE and have no problems with that (its pretty damned good) and was going to get a M6 but with this kind of a problem with the M3 i am a little hesitant. Almost want to wait for the XML2 to come out. Anyways has anyone else had a problem like this or know what could be causing the problem. The rail is fine. no landing or grooving of any type other than the normal little wear from attaching anything on there. They are both about a month old. The M3 mounts perfectly onto my USP. Is it just the size of the notch or is there something else to it. any suggestions would be appreciated.
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had the same problem. talked with streamlight about it...

first they sent me a new spring, and new rod, but that didn't work.

then they suggested roughing up the rod (the slanted part) with some emory board.

this worked like a charm.

that's the fix... i put mine on and take it off a fair amount and maybe i made it too slippery.
ok ill try that, but the sad news, went shooting tonight. My XD40 that only had about 2000 rounds through it, had a critical failure. The sear disengagement spring broke. So joy oh joy oh joy. time to call springfield and have to send the thing in. God its going to be hard without a pistol for a while. what will i do? WHAT WILL I DO???????? Oh yeah ill throw the bullets at the bad guys.
I slipped an m6 on to my tactical at the local range and it took me and another guy to get the thing off of the gun. I can't imagine mine ever just flying off. Now my NC-Star thing only lasts about 7 rounds or so. Now I've torqued it down though so we'll see how it work. I may try to file some "teeth" into the damned thing if these bigger screws don't hold up.
yeah with **** like tac lights and lasers ill stick with the proven brands, you get your moneys worth. Also, being too used to the standard govermont issued **** i forgot that the XD uses a trigger bar spring and has no sear disengagement spring as it is not hammer operated.
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