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Hello and good day to all...This is my first post on this site, but surely not the last. I am looking to get into competitive shooting. I am not new to handgun shooting(started about age 9) but never really got into the competitive area till watching a buddy of mine compete while overseas. from that point, I was hooked. I call West Virginia my home, but have not found any info on beginner matches, or any matches for that matter. I would be willing to travel a bit, but would prefer to stay as close to home as possible. Any info you all would have would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the forum. Find a cub near you, USPSA or IDPA and contact them to see when the matches are and go watch. Some have "new shooter" briefings to attend prior to shooting a match.

IPSC/USPSA. WV is in Area 5, but no clubs listed in WV. You could be close to other clubs in Area 5 or Area 8.
www.USPSA.org Click on the Area 5 & 8 selections and check to see what is close to you.

IDPA Clubs in WV: http://www.idpa.com/

Mason Dixon Rifle Club, Inc.
Morgantown, WV
1st Sat. Apr-Oct except July which is 2nd Sat.; 9:30 am
Lew Soccorsi

Home: 304-864-2506
Mobile: 304-276-7813


Moutaineer Shooting Association
Philippi, WV
Steven Moneypenny

Home: 304-269-6144
Work: 304-457-1280
Fax: 304-457-1281


Hancock County Sportsmen's Assoc., Inc.
Weirton, WV
3rd Sun. April - September
Roger Tate
Home: 304-748-0253
Lester Shields
Home: 304-723-1743

Also a good competition shooting forum is Brian Enos' forum. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/
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