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Looking for XDM compact magazines

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I'm looking for a couple 19rd magazines for my 3.8 compact and wanted to know who has the best deals on these?
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jhopkins - did you go there? :) Only asking 'cause the wifey and I were both Class of '97 (BA, A&S).

Anyway, unless you need them desperately, I'd just bank your funds until Springfield Armory has their semi-annual sales. Their service is usually very fast, with fair shipping, and the price more than competitive when bought during the sales events.

With CTD, you've really gotta watch out for shipping. Check around in terms of prices, too, as it really may not be "than dirt." [ Personal aside: after what they did to us during the last craze, I've fully sworn off of ever shopping there. ]

Don't get cheap and skip the "X-Tensions."

I know Rob Pincus said that it's fine to use the standard-length magazines in the Compacts - and it is in that, in an emergency, yes, you can cross-use in that manner and that your gun will function as it's supposed to - but that's not painting a full picture.

If you field-strip your Compact and put a dummy-round in a standard magazine without the X-Tension sleeve and gently push the magazine home, you'll see that the round will contact the ejector. Actually, even without a round in the mag, you can see that the magazine lip itself will also make contact. You can imagine what will happen, over time, as you do this again and again - similarly, in an actual emergency situation, if you shove that magazine home (remembering here that Rob Pincus is about "gross muscle" :roll:), that singular event can (and yes, I've seen it happen to many fellow students, using many different guns) cause catastrophic damage to the ejector.

With the X-Tension in-place, you can repeat the above and demonstrate to yourself that it now won't happen.
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No I didn't go there, I went to OSU.

I really don't need them right now but I would like to have a couple extra.

CTD wants $14 to ship them and I would rather avoid buying from them unless I have no other alternative due to past experiences with them.

When will Springfield have their next sale?
^ :)

Unknown, but they usually do it at least twice a year.
I will keep checking their site and hopefully I can catch them on sale.
I searched my old e-mails....

I have 3 (three) orders of magazines through SA, each dated the last week of November. Last year's order of 5x 19-round mags (no sleeves) was $119, with $12 for shipping.

I have no clue if they'll do the same this year...
Thanks for taking the time to search your emails. Maybe they will have a black Friday sale.
NP. Best of luck!

I hope they'll have a sale, too. I want MOAR MAGZ! :lol:
Call Springfield.
If your in a rush I like Grab a gun for mags, they have XDM 9mm 19rd with sleeve #2 for 32.23. It seems kind of steep but the mags are usually around 30.00 with out sleeve. They're in stock , check SA site also.

Springfield Magazine 9mm XDM Comp 19RD Online Gun Store

Handgun Magazines Firearm Magazines Grab a Gun Online Gun Store
I use the #2 sleeve and that is the cheapest I have seen them. Thanks for the link.
I have had mixed results with Botach.... (plenty of threads discussing them)........ with some of my mags making it to me with very good prices and free shipping, other orders getting back-ordered then cancelled.

Otherwise, I have done best by watching slickguns.com for deals that come through there.
I have had mixed results with Botach.... (plenty of threads discussing them)........ with some of my mags making it to me with very good prices and free shipping, other orders getting back-ordered then cancelled.
Same here.

My last with them was an order of 15 Lancer L5AWMs that took nearly a month to fill despite the fact that they'd advertised it as "in stock."

For the prices they have when things are really on-sale, I can't complain - I just see it as winning a small lottery when I get the stuff I ordered versus when my order gets cancelled. :lol: I figure that if I don't expect it, then it'll just be bonus. :lol:
9MM - Springfield Armory Web Store

^ SA is running their 30%-off discount again! :)

Now through December 12.
Yep, picked up mags for my XDm and s through SA.

Have had issues with other gun sites that may have cheaper mags but they were not factory i.e. different springs and no SA engraving... Not saying the engraving is important, but never had issues with original gear from SA.
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