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For trade or equivalent value in Virginia.

Would be willing to trade / boost value with misc AR parts including a carbine-length quad rail handguard, steel mags, a Spikes carbine-length handguard, carry handle / sight, or other accessories.

Currently looking for a reasonable deal on an MBUS Gen1 or Gen2 Rear Folding back-up sight. Spring must be in good working order, color black preferred. MSRP is around $50, I'd pay into the upper $30's for a good-working-order MBUS.

Looking also for a full shroud folding front sight. I realize this is a specific part, but I like the full shroud as a sight picture both from irons and as a dead-center cowitness through a dot sight. I know PRI makes 'em, and if you've got one, I'll take it for the $70 range... trades above apply.
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