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I have a .38 S&W J-frame with a 3 finger Crimson Trace grip (not .357 capable); including an on/off switch. fwiw: Scandium frame, owww, hurts to shoot; but it fits in a jeans pocket ok; CCW someday, not now.

I also have a Springfield XDM-40 3.8 and want a laser grip on it also. I really like the grip actuation button on the CT. No switches, no complication; in those high stress situations. Unfortunately, CT decided the LG-448 didn't need an on/off switch!!?? How am I supposed to get practice rounds through the gun without the laser? :confused:

I read somewhere that the mounting screws on the LG-448 go directly into the plastic, so repeated removal, for range sessions, will surely strip them.

The question is: How hard/easy is it to remove the battery? Do I have to remove the laser to get the battery out (same screws into plastic) :?:

While I'm complaining, why didn't they fasten the LG-448 laser to the rail on the XDM, it's long enough and would give much more support? :-(

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