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I looked at that model in 357 a few years ago. It was ok...but I found a nice used Marlin 1894 in 357 and bought it instead. Since I had already owned a 44 mag Marlin 1894 and used it for many years and loved it...I just could not see spending similar money for a Brazilian made 92 copy.

I can honestly say as a serious lever action fan and a heavy user of both 357 and 44 mag Marlin 1894s...I'd vote for looking at the Marlins instead....unless the Puma is TONS cheaper.

My 1894 Marlin in 44 mag is actually more accurate than its 357 brother. From the 50yd bench, I can put 5 Foicchi 240gr soft point 44 mag loads into one ragged hole, the size of a quarter. Seriously! Yeah...I too was shocked at how accurate the 44 mag Marlin was. My 30-30 Wincehsters won't do that and neither will my 30-30 336 Marlin.

I have taken a couple of whitetail does, several feral pigs and one black Hawaiian sheep with my 44 mag Marlin. Yes...its quite a stopper! Everything was shot with stock open sights and from under 100yds.

Its also fun to plink with, using 44 Special cowboy loads. It is not loud and has almost no recoil. My 9 year old daughter shoots it with 200gr cowboy loads...and loves it. I have loaded it with 200gr Gold Dot Blazer HP 44 Spls and blasted raccoons and skunks around the ranch....great close range varmint getter...you won't have to shoot them twice!

I'd sell off alot of rifles...including other leverguns...long before I'd ditch the 44 mag Marlin. Its that good.

If you cannot tell...I am a huge, huge fan of Marlin's pistol caliber leverguns....check them out before you buy the Puma. I really think they're better rifles.

- brickboy240
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