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I recently bought a S&W M&P40. On my first trip to the range, the white dot flew off the front sight around round number 20. I was disappointed, but knew that I wanted to but night sights on the pistol anyway.

When I got home, I checked with XD-HS2000 for TruGlo TFO sights. James didn't have them listed for a M&P40. I sent him an e-mail asking if he might have added them to his inventory. In no time, he called me and said his distributor had several in stock. I was able to place an order under an XD with an explanation that I was actually sending him my M&P slide.

The slide came back today and James did a beautiful job installing the TFO sights! There's not a single mark or scratch on the new sights or the slide.

I recommend James Nicholas at XD-HS200.com for sight installation. I know he'll get more business from me.
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