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Just purchased XD9 4"!!!

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Hello everyone. I just purchased my first XD 9mm 4" pistol and cant wait till the wait period (10 days, CA) is over to start some range time. The XD fit my hands better that the glock 17. I have plenty of 9mm training from my time as a medic in the Army so i know my way around the weapon. The only thing now is that i dont know ANY of the civilian brand and ammo names. i've never gotten into weapons till i joined the service so its all new to me. I'm used to the Colt 1911 and ammo from our armor.

So a lot of my questions will most likely be repeats from other threads and im sorry if that annoys anyone.

So what types of rounds should i get for range shooting and home defense? im looking for the cheapest range ammo and the best HD ammo.

There's a gun show in 2 weeks that sells bulk ammo of reuse rounds for a great price. are reuse rounds good for my pistol?

What is the normal range for ammo prices by the box and case of new and reuse ammo?

I cant wait to start shooting again!
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Welcome to the forum!
I have the same gun (2K rounds, about 1.5 years old) and it eats anything. For range practice you can shoot whatever's cheap, usually
FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) from Federal at Wally World is $10.50 a box and shoots great. I have also shot Winchester White box, Fiocchi, and Remington with no hiccups and most on this forum will probably agree.

For SD/HD use, find a good hollowpoint (Jacketed Hollow Point or JHP) and shoot a bunch thru your gun to ensure it feeds and shoots well, then practice some with it. Popular brands are Winchester PDX1, Speer Gold Dot, Remington Golden Sabre, and others. I suggest you read a lot of the threads about ammo, but to summarize, everyone has their own opinion!
Personally, I carry Winchester PDX1 124gr +P, also at Wally World for about $19 a box.

Last gun show I went to late on Sunday and most of the better 9mm ammo was gone, but I know you can get better prices on JHP especially at a gun show.

I use only factory ammo and don't reload yet, most folks won't trust someone else's reloads so buy with care at gun shows. As far as prices, check out online stores just to get an idea and read some reviews, I've never bought online but don't shoot by the case either. To me shipping prices outweigh buying smaller quantities of ammo online.

Check out ammonengine.com, cheaperthandirt.com, or google others.
Be safe and enjoy, it's a great gun!
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Congrats on the gun. I have the same gun and love it. I liked it so much I decided to buy an XDm .40 compact for concealed carry. You'll be very happy with it.
Congrats on the new xd9 and welcome to the forum!
Congrats on the XD. For range, I'd echo earlier comments - I've used Federal Champion, WWB and Remington without any issue. My XD has shot lots of all with no issues
Congrats on the gun and welcome to the forum! You can use just about any ammo for the range (some people tend to stay away from reloads, accidents have happened, quality is bad, etc). JHP for SD/HD, up to you to test out the ammo. Most shops in my area mainly have Federal JHP, but there are plenty out there!
Thanks everyone for their input! Its sucks i live in ca because i really want the xdm. but looks like my lil friend can eat just about anything. thx again.
Thanks everyone for their input! Its sucks i live in ca because i really want the xdm. but looks like my lil friend can eat just about anything. thx again.
Was at the gun store today going back and forth between the XD9, and the XDm9. The XD was to me the hands down winner. Nicer looking, better feel, and seemed to have a nicer trigger. You did good! Congrats!
Congrats on the new gun, I have the same gun as well. Only have about 240 rounds through mine, but love it. I shoot Federal Champion FMJ at the range. About $10.47 per box of 50 rounds at Walmart. I also have Winchester PDX-1 Bonded JHP 124gr. HD rounds in my XD at the house. Good luck with the new gun hope you enjoy it, I know you will.
congrats on the new xd. ive shot 10+ different types of ammo through my gun, including my friends reloads, with no issues. for range ammo, just get what is cheapest. i found federal champion from walmart to be really clean and priced well at $10.50/50. currently i use speer lawman because i can get it for $14/50 online in the same weight (147gr) as my SD ammo. for SD ammo, you will see this list quite a lot on here:

Barnes XPB 105 & 115 gr JHP (copper bullet)
Federal Tactical 124 gr JHP (LE9T1)
Speer Gold Dot 124 gr +P JHP
Winchester Ranger-T 124 gr +P JHP (RA9124TP)
Winchester Partition Gold 124 gr JHP (RA91P)
Winchester Ranger-T 127 gr +P+ JHP (RA9TA)
Federal Tactical 135 gr +P JHP (LE9T5)
Federal HST 147 gr JHP (P9HST2)
Remington Golden Saber 147 gr JHP (GS9MMC)
Speer Gold Dot 147 gr JHP
Winchester Ranger-T 147 gr JHP (RA9T)
Winchester 147 gr bonded JHP (RA9B/Q4364)

these are just some of the proven rounds out there. pick a few and try them through your gun. go with what shoots the best and then run a few mags to make sure it is reliable. its up to you to decide between a lighter/faster 124gr bullet or a slower/heavier 147gr.
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Just stay away from the Chinese and Russian ammo. Reloads from a gun show can be real iffy. I bought some once for my .38 that would shift out of the round while shooting. The cylinder wouldn't turn because they were too long now. Had a heck of a time getting it unloaded. Could only shoot them one at a time until gone. Luckily only bought one box.
I use Hornady Critical Defense for carry and HD.
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