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Just Purchased a Wilderness Belt..waiting..

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Just put in my order for a Wilderness Tactical 5-stitch Instructors Belt. Had a hard time deciding on a color, so I just went with black. Didn't really like the green, and the tan was too light. Hard to tell though as I am slightly colorblind. Pics never do colors justice so unless I see one in person it is a tough choice. Can't go wrong with black though, should help conceal the standard black clips on my CBST.
Supposed to arrive the end of this week, probably friday or saturday. I can't wait. The belt I am using is a POS, one of those fabric ones that comes with cargo shorts. I lost the aluminum grommet that goes in the hole I use, so now it is just stretching it bigger. Couldn't stand it any more, must have something better. What I was most upset about was (and I didn't even think of this earlier) I have a really nice Tony Llama belt I wear a lot and have had for five or six years, but my CBST just doesn't work right with it (neither does my otterbox!)
I had a hard time not going with a nice leather belt, like one from CB or one of the Amish ones. I just felt this one provides more fine adjustment, as opposed to using either this notch or the next one.
Will try to give my first impressions when it arrives.

EDIT: Ok, was busy yesterday and didn't get around to posting. I did find the belt at my doorsetp yesterday after work. So far it is top notch, WAY better than the POS belt I was using. I think I underestimated how heavy the buckle would be. This thing could be used as a weapon. Seems to be very well made. I carried with it last night while running some errands, really held the gun nice and tight against my body. I am loving the fact that you can get the tension just right, there is no choosing between two notches where one is too loose and one is too tight. This allows a perfect fitting, and can easily be adjusted if I happen to stuff my face with a huge greasy hamburger and fries.
I wore it at work today (not CCing), I could tell I wasn't having to pull up my sagging pants throughout the day. So it works well without a weapon, although I was carrying an iPhone and handheld radio (walkie-talkie, if they are still called that) on the belt. No complaints so far.

Who else here uses these? Thoughts?
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I have been using 3-stitch black instructor's belt since '05 (I think), and bought another 3-stitch tan frequent flyer belt ealier this year. I'm wearing the tan belt for all daily/casual pants... My wife even liked the look/color of the tan belt.

I flew to Canada earlier this month, and I was actually a bit happy about not needing to take off my belt at the security....(since the ring buckles(?) are plastic...)
I have had one about 2 yrs now.Green 5 stitch. it is the best belt i own.:D
Black 5-stitch Frequent Flyer here. I wear it almost every day. If they made one in Flat Dark Earth I wouldn't wear anythign else. They didn't have mine in stock, so they went in back and made it for me while I waited. Very nice people.

I didn't have to wait for mine, I live maybe 2 miles from their production facility/store front. They make some nice bags, slings and tactical gear too.

They sometimes have overstock that is marked down too. Giving them call could save you some $.

While I was there I spoke with the owner, and he said that 5.11 approached them to make the "Instructor" belts for them, but decided to use Chinese manufacturers to save money. Wilderness wouldn't compromise on materials or workmanship to get to 5.11's requested price. The 5.11 buckles are not nearly as good as Wilderness'.
If they made one in Flat Dark Earth I wouldn't wear anythign else.
I agree, I would like to have had one in a darker tan or brownish color as well.
Just checked the email, it has shipped and is expected to deliver tomorrow instead of Friday. One day earlier, can't beat that.
BTW, I don't think I mentioned this, but I didn't order it from Wilderness, rather I ordered it from MidwayUSA. They were in stock and actually a little cheaper.
Besides, I feel bad getting their emails and flyers and never buying anything.
I have an Instructor 5 stitch and Uncle Mikes 5 stitch. Both are great belts and carry IWB and OWB much better than a leather belt IMO. Works perfect with the Supertuck. You'll like it.
I have had the instructor 5 stitch in black for a few years now and still love it. Going to order a coyote frequent flier next. Works well with a supertuck.
Been wearing the same 5-stitch Instructors belt since 2005 on a daily basis.
Wilderness has more than earned my belt business.
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