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Just joined from Arizona

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I anticipate absorbing a lot of good information while perusing the threads on this forum. Hope to 'meet' some of you, too. :)

Maricopa, AZ
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Welcome from Germany/AZ. This site is AWESOME. You will soon be addicted!
hello to u why the thumbs down?
Hi from metro Phoenix.
Welcome from Iowa
Welcome to the Forum from Texas! :D
Welcome from Wonderful Wyoming.
Welcome from IL!
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from the west side.
Welcome from Louisiana.
Welcome from PA. hope the thumbs down was the end of a wave hello?
Welcome from FL, CT, and CA! (I move around a lot)
Welcome from S. AZ.
hello to u why the thumbs down?
was wondering that myself.

anyway, welcome to the forum
welcome from another Arizonian to a great forum with many helpful and experienced members - hope you enjoy as much as I have

I too must ask - why the thumbs down?
Welcome from Oregon!
Welcome from Illinois
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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