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List your run ins with the law

  • driving violations only, no arrests, no dui, dwi

  • driving violations with up to 2 arrests

  • driving violations with more then 2 but less then 5

  • driving violations with more then 5 arrests

  • arrests for assault

  • arrests for theft

  • arrests for being stupid at a bar

  • arrests for public indecency

  • arrest due to divorce

  • arrest due to problems with guns

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In another of my posts, somebody, backhandedly, expressed their dislike of cops, after watching the video in my joke humor post.

I, personally, have never had a "bad encounter " with any law enforcement. Here's my history:
1986 to current, EVERY freaking time I fly, getting frisked at the airport, generally just short of the rubber gloves treatment, due to ALWAYS setting off the metal detectors. (NO steel parts in my body, just a magnetic personality, of the opposite poll variety)
1986 2 speeding tickets
1987 investigated by the FBI, extensivly, so that my company could do work in their local offices.
1991 1 speeding ticket
1996 1 failure to stop ticket
2001 - current, interaction with local law enforcement every time one of our buildings is broken into or tenant problems.
2005 victim of a hit a run accident involving a DWI

So, how many here have had run ins "wit da law"

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Not even a driving violation.

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IM innocent...lol

Accually, other than numerous speeding tickets over the years, I have never had an altercation with the law. My EX did try to file domestic violence charges on me one night but after they arrived, interviewed us both, and gave me a breathalizer, they asked me if I would like to have HER arrested for DV. She told them I was drunk, beat her, etc... I made them test my alchohol level which didnt even register, that proved to them who was lying, plus she had no marks because I DID NOT hit her. I did request her removal from the house and filed for divorce shortly afterwards. They did confiscate my guns though and I had to go back and sign for them the following day. I lived next door to the Township PD and the chief told me to come sign one out anytime I wanted to go hunting, just didnt want me to take it home with me. Problem was I hunted in my backyard, I owed 7 1/2 acres. :lol: I got my guns back in 30 days.

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I had to say driving violations, because I had one at age 18. I was going uphill in a gutless 1988 Chevy Cavalier with an automatic 4 cylinder. The Highway Patrolmen pulled me over outside a little town called Bunkerville, Nevada, and said he clocked me going 96 in a 55. I have no doubt I was speeding, but that car would have had problems going 96 DOWNHILL. I politely took my ticket, and went on my way, vowing never to get another one.

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Mainly driving violations, but one of my Dad's rural neighbors had a few cows shot and since his neighbor does not like hunting and does not like us, he tried to press charges of criminal mischief on us years ago. I guess...this IS firearms related...in a way.

The only evidence he had was that we shoot out there alot and we owned rifles in the same caliber of the shell casings found in the dirt road, where the cows were shot (30-06). They recovered no prints from the casings and no bullets were recovered from the dead cows and there were no eyewitnesses, so the DA wound up dropping the charges, after we were polygraphed, gave a statement and the sheriff examined our guns.

We were flabergasted at how they all immediately though we did it and were ready to throw the book at us. Even though they had a little circumstantial evidence and no witnesses. We acted offended and they thought this meant guilt. We had to hire a lawyer and we almost went to trial with this thing...jeez. It was stressful, to say the least!

(Actually, the Grand Jury threw it out...not enough evidence for an indictment, they said.)

They never found out who did it, but we avoided a charge of felony criminal mischief...whew! Its amazing how those country people are willing to put you away, with such minimal evidence...only because they do not like you.


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I had a few speeding tickets.

I also got a citation for "illegal camping" in a state park one time. I went to the court house in the neighboring county seat to pay the fine and the magistrate had no earthly idea what to do with the citation. So he just told me to that the ranger (he referred to him as "that little jackrabbit") didn't know what he was doing and for me to go home and forget about it and he'd straighten it out.

Well, as you can guess it didn't get straightened out, and my court date came and went without me appearing so I got charged with and picked up for "failure to appear" along with a couple of other buddies who were camping with me. One of my friends was teacher, the deputies went to the school to pick him up.... :lol: .

Fortunately, the magistrate in our county was sympathetic (election year) and thought the entire episode was hilarious. He contacted the magistrate in the county where we were supposed to appear and found that our stories jived so we were allowed to pay the original fine and the matter was dropped.

That's all I've ever been caught for.


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Ive only been caught for speeding. Ive had numerous runs in with the law for rowdy parties since high school but nothin anything major. Des Moines cops are usually pretty cool and got bigger fish to fry so they just tell you to keep it down. Once in West Des Moines when I was 16 we were busted for drinking and they called all of our parents, I havent liked West Des Moines (or suburban cops) since.

Towards the end of high school I was involved in many illegal activities ( I was young and dumb, what can I say) but I never got caught. Im not in that business anymore, thank god!! I did have detectives come with a warrant once but I was not charged with anything.

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(Assuming an anonymous posture...)
I was somewhat rambunctious as a kid.
In high school I was arrested twice for breaking in to cars and fighting (assault).
In the army I got a little (ok, a lot) drunk while on a break during manuevers at the White Sands Missle Range..."borrowed" a duce and a half to drive in to base to buy more cigarettes and whiskey. Needless to say they did not appreciate the fact I was merely borrowing government property...I had to bring it back as I still needed a ride home to NC. :wink:
Nothing much came from that...Article 15 and a few days picking up trash at the Corrective Custody Facility. That did keep me from getting a good conduct medal to go with my other "thanks for coming" ribbons!

I DID straighten out after that episode and have been good ever since!
(at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)
(resuming known person posture...)

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I can't answer the poll because my arrests don't fit anything up there.

Jan. 1995: involved in a human rights protest in DC (doesn't everybody?). Arrested, booked, released and given a court date for "incomoding," meaning I didn't move when told to by a police officer. Charge was dropped.

May 1995: 4th degree misdemeanor trespass. I was involved in a sit-in protest at a "doctor's" abortion mill. I use quotes because his license to practice medicine had been revoked in 4 -- that's right, four -- states. He lost his license in Ohio for botching so many abortions (read, injured so many women) that the malpractice and negligence charges piled up, but was still performing abortions, which is illegal. He had also lost his license in Florida for killing a woman on the abortion table due to negligence and malpractice, lost his license in Kentucky for raping a 14-year old on the procedure table before performing an abortion on her (he used sedatives, so she was unconscious. He was never tried criminally), and lost his license in New York for malpractice and negligence, same story as Florida and Ohio.

I got to spend 2 days in a workhouse to work off the $25 fine for the "offense." The abortionist, on the other hand, was then tried and convicted for his crime and spent over 2 years in jail.

3 months ago: got pulled over for "failure to use a turn signal." It was a DUI fishing stop, and since I was just returning home from work, I was as sober as could be. The officer actually sounded disappointed. Talk about a waste of my time, especially since I remember turning on my turn signal.

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I have mostly vehicle based run-ins with the law, but I have the utmost repsect for them...I've deserved to get caught doing the stupid stuff i've done in cars(although it was fun)

now I did get arrested one time back when I was 16 for stealing a cd(peer pressure), but i never got convicted for it, and have been a model citizen since then(except for the heavy foot in a turbocharged car) and i'm 29 now, i've already asked around and have been told it shouldn't pose a problem when I go to get my ccw in the coming year.

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one-eyed-fatman said:
They'll never take me alive!
That's the attitude I should have had!!!!!!

They got me cold! Red-handed. Pants down. Hand in the cookie jar. Guilty as sin, associating with known undesirables. I was a bad seed and born under a bad sign. Bad to the bone and the kid your mothers warned you about. (Other than that an all around good guy). LOL

Dragnet theme plays here for just a few bars. Opening scene, 1970 Ford Galaxy..tan with black-wall tires kicking up dust at 80 mph on two lane country road. Helicopter shot closing in on arm nonchalantly hanging out driver's side window.

Titles roll. Music changes to Jimi Hendix rendition of Voodoo Chile. As song fades sound of police car siren comes up and "Directed by Quentin Tarentino" fills screen superimposed on dolly shot of Big Bad Delija in starched white button down shirt. Tie loosened in menacing fashion and cheap sport jacket draped over passenger side of front seat.

Pack of Marlboro on dashboard, Styrofoam McDonalds Big Mac container subtle give away this is a period piece.

Music fades out. Close up of Delija sweating in un-airconditioned car. Sound of his rapid heartbeat keeping time with undulating sound of police car siren.

Title pixalates on screen and forms into translucent lettering that reads

"Based on true story. Somewhere east of Boulder Colorado 1972"

Dolly camera trucks around car to get head on shot of Delija through windshield wiping sweat off brow with starched white shirt. Boulder foothills in background. Continental Divide looming in the distance with Long's Peak covered with snow and the Arapaho Glacier dominating the skyline behind Delija's speeding generic looking car. Tan in color. Everything in drab tan except for crystal blue sky and Delija's blood red ties. Drab tan road, vegetation, (mostly scrub brush). Bleak and dusty look to everything. Delija himself looks drab tan. His dirty blond hair, his suntanned face, His white shirt dingy from sweat and dust.

Sound effects fade. Real sounds of rubber meeting the road come up. Car slowing. Comes to a complete stop.

Static filled AM car radio playing Eagles "Desperado" heard for a few bars as camera goes to close up shot of Delija's hand turning off radio as he says "****!" to himself. Close up shot of Delija's eyes looking up-ward. Cut to rear view mirror with County Sheriff's car image clearing as dust settles. Cut back to D. taking half smoked reefer out of ashtray, looks at it with disgust and says to himself "I gotta stop picking up hitchhikers" as he's apparently deciding whether or not to put it in his mouth and swallow it, and then crumples it and wedges it in seat cushion.

Exterior POV shot from beside Ford as Sheriff waddles toward Delija's car. Camera catches two motorcycles as they pass going in opposite direction. One motorcycle dude wearing fringed leather jacket and floppy cowboy hat. Other dude wearing helmet and jacket both with American flag that matches his gas tank. On the back of the flag guy's bike is passenger wearing 1950s style football helmet flapping his arms like a bird. Motorcycles fade into distance and cop walks up to Delija's window. Just then the camera slows as a 1974 Chevy Malibu passes....the anachronism of the year of the car in scene designated as taking place in 1972 is subtly not lost on Delija.... quick cut to Delija's face shows look of brief confusion that gives way to resignation. Camera cuts back in super slo-mo to very brief glance of Vincent Vega's ponytail and Jules Winfield's afro in Malibu for a brief moment...just long enough for the glimpse of the two characters in the car. As soon as the car passes, normal camera speed resumes and from behind Ray Ban mirrored aviator shaped sunglasses trooper says with western drawl "License and registration pad-ner".

Titles roll again. Completely different feel to film. Very documentary in tone. Title scrolls up and says "Directed by Oliver Stone" (in smaller print says "with special appreciation to guest director QT for opening sequence"

Movie starts in ernest.

Again "True Story" splashes on screen but now all cameras are POV of first person (Delija himself). We now see only what he sees. We hear what he thinks. Stone sets out to be Orson Wells possibly pushed along by his weight problem. LOL.

Lunch time for real life Delija ends. Story must pick up pace. D. comes back from filmaking fantasy world (one of the three main worlds he spends much of his free time in...others are as the replacement and superior musician who takes over for Jimmy Page in Led Zepplin, and the other is as the Jewsih Willie Mays (Delija Maysberg), who finishes his career with a grand slam home run (#716) in the bottom of the ninth inning of the seventh game of the world series for the Mets who trailed the hated Yankees by three runs with two outs before the blast that is heard round the universe!!!

"The Bad Seed" rolls:

1972, Pre-computer in cop cars days:

Worked for a large company. Got hired in NY, and assigned to go train in the Chicago branch.

After 8 months or so they sent me to do my job in Denver. Loaded up my company car, and drove from Chicago to Denver. One look at Denver and I knew I couldn't live there. Cow town! Got a place in Boulder and commuted.

First week I'm there I didn't know my way around. I looked at a map and thought I found a shortcut to someplace I had to go.

Driving on two lane highway in the middle of nowhere. Cop car coming in opposite direction gets me for speeding on radar. I was very impressed...I didn't know radar could do that.

He asks for license and registration. I hand him my NY driver's license. He asks me if this is my present address. Told him I just got to Boulder, and had not had a chance yet to get a new license. He then asks me how come I'm driving a car with Illinois plates. I tell him. Company car.

He tells me plates on Illinois car are expired. I tell him I had no idea. There was no date or sticker....IIRC in those days they just changed colors every year. Whatever....he seemed to know the plates were expired. I didn't.

NY license, he didn't like that. Allegedly expired Illinois plates. He didn't like that. Speeding in Colorado. He most definitely didn't like that.

Handcuffs behind my back. Hurt like hell as he'd stomp on the gas after each stop. Plus they were tight. He seemed to like that a lot.

Brought to Boulder County Muni center on Walnut St.. Put in little cage by the reception desk of the Sheriff's office. It was like Barney Miller.

I'm all alone in this little cell waiting for the judge to arraign me. I was there maybe an hour or so. While there I couldn't stop laughing. First they drag some guy in jail clothes to the front desk. He was a trustee and had a mop and a bucket. They brought him to the front because he had a phone call from his wife's lawyer. I hear his side of the conversation. He's apparently behind on child support payments and the lawyer is threatening him. I hear him tell the lawyer "What are you gonna do? Put me in jail?"....then he hangs up on the guy and all the cops are laughing.

They brought me a bowl of soup.

Sheriff's deputies are coming and going. There's a wall of little lockers. These cops come in and get their guns out of these lockers. They leave and they put the guns in the lockers.

I'm watching this and a HUGE, and I mean HUGE guy with a different looking uniform walks in, opens a locker and takes out a tiny little gun.

I ask him...."Hey, how come your gun is so little and all the other guys have really big guns?"

Guy walks over to me and explains that he isn't a regular deputy, he's an auxiliary deputy. He tells me he does this in the off season to make some extra dough. I ask (or he tells me) about his REAL JOB. He's a football player. Plays for the Denver Broncos.

Me, I don't know squat about the Denver Broncos. They are an AFL team that's been in the NFL for what? two years? Only thing I knew about them was they didn't hava logo on their helmets like norman teams (the Browns were the same...but they were a real team.Had the best football player ever. He was a high school player in the next town over from where I grew up. Jim Brown was so good he was the first player college player I ever was aware of. Jim Brown! Hall of Fame. Actor. Sex pervert.

I ask him his name. Lyle Alzedo. I never heard of him.

I most definitely heard of him in the following seasons.

I am pretty sure he even made enough money after that to not need to work as an auxiliary cop by the hour. LOL.

After that, about 10 guys in jail clothes are handcuffed to each other. They open the cell and cuff me to the last guy in line. We get marched into the courthouse across the quad. I get uncuffed. The other guys stay chained to each other.

Finally the clerk calls my name. Judge reads charges and asks me if I had an altercation with the arresting officer. "No sir".

Judge asks me if my Illinois license plates are expired. "I don't know your honor".

Judge dismisses stuff except speeding ticket, which I pay, and tells me to get a Colorado driver's license. "Yes sir, your honor".

Wife (girlfriend at the time, as she was for the following five years) picks me up and we go to get the company car out of impound. It was very expensive, so I put it on my expense report and the company paid for it. Which was nice.

Fifteen years later, also in Boulder, but in a different lifetime altogether (everything is different except for girlfriend who is now wife) I go skeet shooting out in the boonies with my friends. We get ticketed for shooting in the wrong place. We had to go to court, but the DA was one of our poker buddies so the charges were dropped.

Apparently Brickboy must have been in the neighborhood at the time. We were shooting in a place that was ankle deep in spend cartridges and shotgun shells. It was a popular place to shoot. Until someone (and after all these years of mystery finally have a likely suspect) decided to shoot in the opposite direction. They shot some big game cows. So a TV camera was mounted on a power line pole and when we started shooting a cop car appeared out of the dust and gave us the tickets. Damn Brickboy.....if we didn't know the ADA we could have been in trouble!!!!

Other than that, I've been an upstanding citizen. Except some asshat with the same name as me committed unauthorized trades as a stockbroker and my license has had his "crime" listed on it since 1991. Somehow the NASD has the same offense on both our records. The government agencies are just like the government. They acknowledge on my license that it is mistaken identity, but they cannot remove the thing from my permanent record! Morons!....

I talked to the NASD lawyer who prosecuted the guy with my name. He has one of those Czech names with no vowels that you can't know how to pronounce by reading it.

I told him I should change my name to a name like his....mine is a common name. That way I wouldn't be at risk for mistaken identity. He told me that a big time sleaze ball pornographer in NYC with a long criminal record has the same name as him and he is constantly harassed by both law enforcement and Christian fundamentalists. LOL

Well, I never was into "dull". Life has always been interesting.

Poor Lyle Alzedo....I cried when I saw the pubic service TV message he made warning against steroid use before he died from it. I'm sure some of you remember. He always had a big bad guy image, but I always remembered him as a very young and very large guy with a tiny "toy" gun. :cry:


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Yeah, life is interesting and never dull around here.

Actually, the cow incident was a huge pain in the ass. The owner of the cows gave a sworn statement to the DA and said we were always shooting guns (this is not true) and we had shot at his mailbox (couldn't prove it...and we never did), that my Dad was always drunk and out there shooting off guns (dad is a diabetic and cannot drink!) and all sorts of outright lies, but since this was small-town America and we were escapees from the evil big city, the law in this county believed it!

We were questioned by the sheriff and the DA and then wrote a sworn statement and since it was a felony criminal mischief case, the Texas Rangers came to my house in Houston and examined my gun collection (the Ranger was a very cool guy and he really liked my gun collection and in the end, he came away thinking we did not do it). I was sweating bullets, because it seemed like this small town DA had it in for us - this WAS like something from a bad movie.

Then, the DA thought that a shaky polygraph test (our test were ruled "inconclusive" by the DPS polygraph guy), the DA went ahead with presenting his "findings" to a Grand Jury.

Luckily, the Grand Jury saw that the DA did not have a slam dunk case: no fingerprints, no recovered bullets, no witnesses or anyone that heard the shooting and only the circumstancial evidence that we had two rifles in a very common caliber (30-06), polygraph tests that were inconclusive and that we had a ranch nearby and enjoyed shooting.

This whole little fiasco cost us about 6 grand apiece and about 4 months of badgering by the sheriff and DA of Fayette County..it was a pain in the ass and we didn't do a damned thing.

We learned that the legal system is something we wnat ot never have anything to do with ever again. It had more to do with throwing money at an attorney (ours) to keep another attorney (the county's) from ripping us a new one and ruining our lives, simply because there was nobody better to blame. I have much less respect for lawyers and what they do than I ever had before. I am also pretty sure that things like this happen all the time to other people in this and other locales and its awful.

Not a good experience...I'd love to forget it all,


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MR D',

I did not ask for the book version!!!!!!!

Good grief, D, I work for a living, Do you really think I have enough time to read that screen play??

I'll read it later :p

Alright, I read the screen play, Maybe Brad pitt for your part huh?

Brickboy- Come on, just between us (connie chung) did you really shoot the cows?? you can tell us.

If you didn't shoot them then (wink wink) do you want to shoot them now??


would this be the same neighbor that has the dogs running loose, that you (wink wink) don't shoot at either??

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[TASF said:
Overkill]Not even a driving violation.
ahh, but you did have somebody complain that you were wearing your gun while picking up trash on the highway.

You are ALMOST a crimminal in their minds eye!!

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I was arrested in July of 2004 because someone saw me "Load a Arm Load of guns into the trunk of my car".
I was at a friends house after a day of shooting and after the shooting we cleaned all the guns we shot.
I had 3 shotguns 4 rifles and 6 Pistols/Revolvers that I carried out the front door(not cased, just carried them out). I then loaded them into their cases that were in the trunk of my car.
I was also carrying my Sig P220 and the XD....Sig was carried openly.
I leave the house and I got about 2 blocks before I was pulled over by a Squad Car......15 seconds later another squad shows up.
The Officer got on his PA system and told me to turn the vehichle off and place my hands out the window....I was like :shock: .
I complied....the officer ordered me to exit the car and put my hands on my head :shock:
I complied.
The two officers approached me guns drawn. Remember I had my P220 on my hip in plain sight.
The one officer removed the P220 from the holster and cleared the weapon....I am totally silent.
Officer #1 searches me and finds the XD. :shock:
Officer #2 asked me why I am carrying 2 guns.
I explain that I am a Minnesota Carry Permit Holder.
Officer #1 remove my wallet from my pocket and looks for my ID and Permit. He finds it and takes it back to the squad car as the other officer asks me if I have any other weapons in the car.
I say yes I have 13 inthe trunk in cases.
Officer #2 tells me that he is placing me under arrest for Disorderly Conduct...I am like :shock:
The open the trunk of my car(meanwhile I am in Handcuffs) sitting onthe curb.
They look at the guns that were in the trunk and write down all the serial numbers and Officer #1 goes to his car to run the numbers....all come back clean......DUH!
I have said about 5 words total at this point....I know I have done nothing wrong but I do not want to do anything to make it worse.
At this point 2 more squads arrive and Officer #1 and #2 talk to the other officers telling them about the complaint they recieved about someone loading an arm load of guns into the trunk of their car...Damn Nosy Neighbors!
So at this point I am told that my guns are going to be taken, and I am going to jail for Disturbing the Peace and Disorderly Conduct :shock:
I am taken to Jail.
I call my attorney.
I am bailed out of jail in less than an hour by my attorney.

The next day I go to the Police Station with my attorney to get my guns back. They refuse to give them back....my attorney tells me to expect this.
3 days later I make a court appearence and enter a plea of not guilty and request to get my guns back.
The judge refuses......tells me that I will have to wait.
My attorney files a motion to have the charges dropped and have my guns returned.
The judge refuses.
A week later I make a Pre Trial appearence and my Attorney requests a Jury trail and files a motion to have the charges dropped and to have my guns returned.
The judge orders that my guns be returned but does not drop the charges.
2 weeks later I go to trial.
The Women that called the police is grilled by my attorney.....he made her look like a fool.
The Jury Deliberates for about 30 minutes and I am found not guilty on all charges.

I file a Civil Suit against the woman that called the police to try and recover my attorney fees and lost wages....the case is thrown out :shock:

Nice isn't it.
Damn Nosy People!

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Damn, got to love those neighbors. I try to make it a point to load all guns in my car while cased or wrapped in a blanket at the very least.

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tec said:
Alright, I read the screen play, Maybe Brad pitt for your part huh?
:lol: That could work...he has the D. kind of look. A bit old for the part now, but not that much of a stretch.

May have to scrap the project, or at least put it on the back burner. I feel compelled to write "Natural Born Bovine Killers" (The life and times of Bickboy). :D :D


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I have been stopped by the police twice in my vehicle, and have had the police twice come up to me and question me in a parked vehicle.

The first time I was pulled over, the officer said that I had run a red light. I was going through an intersection when the light was going from yellow to red. It was close, and he was probably right. I did not get a citation for this, however I did get one because I did not have my insurance info with me. I was insured, just no info. My fault.

The second time was somewhat bull$hit. I was driving home at night and one of my headlights had gone out earlier that evening. I had the replacement bulb, that I had just bought from AutoZone, on the passenger seat and was going to replace it when I got home. I was doing about 35 m.p.h on a 40 m.p.h. street because it was steadily raining. An officer, who was driving in the opposite direction, did a u-turn and then proceeded to run up to me and seriously ride my tail (I couldn't see his headlights). As I'm coming to an intersection (about a mile from my home) he is still riding my rear bumper. I was about twenty feet from the intersection, and the light goes from green to yellow. No way I'm going to be able to stop, even if it was dry. Both of us make it through the intersection before the light turns red. Doesn't matter, he turns on the red and blues. I pull over. He comes up and asks me "Know why I pulled you over?". I asked if it was about my light being out, he said no. He told me he pulled me over because I ran the red light! I'm a bit upset now. This time I have my insurance, but I take my sweet time "trying" to find it while he is standing in the rain with no jacket on. He got soaked. No citation was issued to me.

The third time was at night and I had just parked in my driveway when an officer rolls up about five seconds later and asks me with a very terse tone what I'm doing there. "I live here."

The only other time I had and encounter with and officer was when I was 19. My girlfriend (at the time) and myself had just finished, ummm, "exercising" in the back seat of her car in the parking lot of a park. Luckily we were both dressed and the officer just told us to leave, because it was about midnight and the park closed at 11:00.
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