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I ordered it through Impact Guns for $411. I also bought an extra hi cap mag and with shipping and all it was only 457 bucks. Not to bad at all I guess considering the local shop was going to charge me over $500 (she's a small pawn shop and doesn't sell many guns so that's to be expected I guess). She was nice enough to handle the transfer free of charge for me though so I imagine I'll buy my practice ammo from her instead of Wall Mart to return the favor. I really wanted a 357sig, but they where out of stock and after thinking about it, it makes more sense for me to have a .40 since my employer will provide all my ammo for duty and qualifying as long as it's 9mm or .40. It should be here sometime next week. I'll let everyone know what I think about it as soon as I get some trigger time with it.
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