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I know this shotgun probably isn't worth much. But I'd still like to know some history on it and maybe you guys can help.

It is a single shot 12 gauge with a 29" barrel. The only information I can really find is that it was made somewhere between 1920-1940 because of the name on the shotgun. Mine is the one in bold.

J. Stevens and Company 1867-1886.
J Stevens A&T Co. or
J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company, 1886-1915.
– no guns produced 1915-1920
J. Stevens Arms Company 1920-c.1940.
Stevens c.1940-1991.

The only numbers I can find on it are on the reciever under the barrel. 946LZ

Also, the buttplate was a little loose so I removed it to try and fix it. Inside I found a few old bullets.

Sorry for the crappy pictures. :(

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