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IWB ?s

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I need a tuckable IWB holster for my XD-9 sub. I've seen great remarks about the CTAC, ANSWER, FIST and a few others. Anyone useing the Comp-Tac "shirt tucker"? I seem to like this one and I don't really want two clips hanging over my belt as is the case with the C-tac and the Answer. Or is the xd to heavy for that single off center clip design? It doesn't appear to be able to adjust the cant. I'm also considering the Desantis "tuck this". But it doesn't look like it has a slide guard. The blockish shape of the XD does not feel good agaist the skin. A few of the holster websites don't show multiple views of their holsters. I will be moving the holster from strong side to cross draw and even SOB.
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Freeamerican, that Galco Skyops holster looks pretty good. Of course the website doesn't show the back side of the holster! Does it have a slide gaurd? A retention screw? Can you adjust the cant? I like the Y clip they use, It hardly shows at all. I don't want a J clip. Some of the standard clips are very noticeable.

XDSC, the highnoon tailgunner and Closing argument look pretty nice. however I want a black holster. Their clip seems good.
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