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Oh yes...1911s are like Mausers and Enfields. Own one and before you know it, you have seveal taking up safe shelves and you will continue eyeing more of the b*stards!

I have 4 1911s, one is a Springer, the others are Kmbers and Colts and yes...if I came across another at a good price...I'd nab it!

Gun shows HAVE gotten crazy. I saw those 700 dollar Romo AKs and other overpriced nonsense. Some 1200 dollar basic Bushy, Stag and DPMS ARs too. Forget it...they can keep that stuff at those prices.

Theres not even a ban on the table..the man is not even in office...its panic-ville out there and even though I am buying some extra ammo here and there...I am NOT buying an overpriced AR or AK. The only reason the prices are up is because some pinheads are PAYING these prices. Don't contribute to the lunacy and maybe prices will go back down.

- Brickboy240
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