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at a saxet gun show around 4pm on sunday in austin texas.
several months ago.
a person attending the gun show shot his buddy in the thigh.
he was released from the hospital the next morning.
a shot through and through, nothing major disrupted.
missed his femoral artery by not much.

nothing ever came out in the very liberal(austin american statesman) local newspaper.

the shooter was according to this person's account a deep cover narc.

only gun forums picked up on this accidental(?) discharge.
most forums stated it was a glock.
well it was an XD40.
his buddy did not press charges.

the shooter dropped his magazine to try a holster.
then poined it downward and clicked the trigger.
one was in the chamber.

to get in this saxet gun show you have to safe handcuff your gun.
obviously the person who shot his buddy lied.
only leo's who are working for the gun show may be armed inside the building(crockett center).
a really dumb mistake for a leo.

between the ears is the last safety device.
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