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Is this rust? How best to get rid of it?

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Take a look at the underside of your XD slide and tell me if your extractor has rust- or is it rust-colored?

I bring this subject up because when I purchased mine used and after I brought it home I noticed the discoloration.

Now, some months later, the firing pin plunger tab that you can retract to do a test to see if the pin sticks out rear of the slide is also showing some signs of discoloration/rust. The tab is immediately to the right of the spring depicted in the photo below, and is also used to test firing pin when the firing pin safety catch is depressed and when not depressed.

What is the best way to get rid of this rust, assuming it is indeed rust?

Before taking the photo below I sprayed with some Brake Cleaner and scrubbed with a toothbrush and with a bronze toothbrush as well. As a result it appears that some of the 'rust' on the extractor was removed.

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Looks like rust. Ever been caught in the rain, or live on the coast? Keep clean (regularly) and use some light gun oil or other protectant.

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It's hard to tell exactly because there is a greenish tint to your photo ( I know it's not my screen because I was a pro photographer and my screen is color calibrated ). If the extractor area in question has a reddish slightly purple tint to it then it is normal. The extractors are hardened and some of them they take on a reddish purple color over time. HK and old German made SIG internal extractors do the same thing.
The extractor and striker are supposed to be brown.
Cool. If extractor is supposed to be brown or rust-colorish, then it's not an issue. That is why I worded thread carefully- did not want to assume that it was rust for that very reason. Thanks!
all your parts look identical to mine. XD9 Service. 2600 rounds downrange.
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